To tone or not to tone that’s the question πŸŒΉπŸ§–‍♀️

Hey everyone it’s Sunday hope your having a great weekend.

I’ve been inundated with messages regarding two beauty products I purchased from my local aldi store asking what I really thought of the cheaper version of the branded products pixi glow tonic and pixi face oils.

A few months back I ordered a trial sized product of both the pixi glow tonic and face oil I have to say I’ve read very good reviews of the whole pixi range as it combats many issues regarding skin problems they have a whole range full of products for different skin types.

So willingly I tried both products you see I have combination skin and trying to tackle different combinations with only few products is a pain I end up with a shelf full of products.

So I did a bit of research and then ordered two trial sized products from pixi to see how my skin was after use I have to say I was quite surprised and impressed by the two products but only thing that put me off was the price.

The rose toner from pixi retails from around Β£18.99 (gbp) and the rose face oil by pixi retails Β£19.99 (gbp) I know it doesn’t seem that pricey but I hate spending that much money on products.

I do love a bargain and saving money if I can…

So I was doing my local food shop in aldi and I saw these two products on the shelf they looked similar to the pixi products but they are made by a company called lacura retailing at Β£3.99 (gbp) each

Sad as it sounds I was excited to use them to see if they where similar to the pixi products.

I wasn’t disappointed I found the two products very similar the only thing I would say is that the lacura product smells stronger than the pixi one I’m not overly keen on rose as a Scent but it’s not that over powering that I wouldn’t be able to use it.

The toner left my skin feeling clean smooth and fresh it’s also tackling the combination skin issues I have.

The face oil isn’t too oily as daft as that sounds it’s not heavy on your skin I’ve found it leaves me with nice glow I apply before my foundation but you only need a small amount a little goes a long way.

I also apply after I’ve taken all my make up off and used the rose toner before bed.

I would definitely recommend these two alternative products and with a massive saving of Β£31 I will definitely be purchasing again.

You can find these products at your local aldi store or online

Click Link below πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

rose toning tonic

rose face oil

Thanks for reading my review, 😊😍

Lots of love

Stacie xx

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