Ohana means family, ❤️👨‍👩‍👧👭👫

Evening 😊

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend.

Mines been amazing my family from down south came to visit it was really nice to see them Seems like forever since I last saw them.

When I made my decision to move up the northwest it wasn’t an easy one probably the hardest choice I had to make.

Leaving my parents and my sister and my neice behind wasn’t easy I’m a very strong person I do deal with hard situations quite well but making a choice to leave them and try to create a better life for me and my girls was the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make.

My parents have always given me the space to grow and be independent in life.

They are not over the top parents who need a say in every aspect of my life.

We definitely don’t live in each others pockets.

But as we get older you learn to treasure the time spent together.

Making memories is what’s important.

My girls have cherished the time we they have spent with their grandparents their auntie uncle and cousin.

To me distance means nothing Infact its made me cherish my family more.

One thing I never take for granted is time it was so nice to see a smile on my dad’s face again.

Ide like to share a few pics with you all….

Have a great week all.

Peace out

Stacie xx

Beauty Locks hot chocolate ☕💁‍♀️💆‍♀️

Hello everyone hope your well.

Today I’ve received my beauty Locks hot chocolate drink so I thought ide give you a bit of a review.

I have to say I’ve been feeling a little drained recently so I decided to go on a little bit of a health kick to help my body recover after my illness.

I came across this product on Instagram after researching best vitamins to help with your hair nails and skin.

I don’t know about you but I really struggle to keep on top of taking lots vitamins along side my medication mostly remembering to take them everyday is a nightmare with my busy lifestyle.

So I just needed something I that would take away all the faffing about but something I could also have that would still give me what I needed.

So I thought ide give beauty Locks a try is a 30 day program with just one cup a day no messing about opening endless vitamin tubs just add 1 tablespoon of Beauty Locks Hot Chocolate.

Pour on near boiling water and stir.

I added one sweetener and bit of semi skimmed milk.

It’s also a low calorie drink so great for if your on a healthy eating program.

BeautyLocks is formulated with all of the essential hair-friendly vitamins which include Biotin, Folic Acid and vitamin B group combined they work hard to nourish your hair from within, so you can grow longer, stronger and thicker hair, increase hair strength and elasticity, as well as reducing breakage for overall healthier hair.

You can also experience benefits with a clearer healthier skin complexion and stronger healthier nails.

I normally don’t like hot chocolate drinks but I have to say I’m quite impressed with this product for the overall taste of it.

It’s actually quite nice.

I will be reviewing this product every so often to let you all know how I’m genuinely feeling whilst using beauty Locks.

But If you want to check the product out follow the link below 👇 👇

beauty Locks hot chocolate link click me

If you order today you will only pay £2.99 for postage.

Peace out ✌️

Stacie xx

Wow what a day ❤️⚽🔐🌊

Hey everyone what day its been.

Ive finally managed to find a place for my padlock on Albert docks ive been putting it off for 18 months.

And now I’ve finally done it I feel closure and a lot more at peace with myself.

Please excuse my squinting eyes and sandals in May.

I’ve had such a good day with good company ive not stopped laughing..

I absolutely love going to my favourite city.

I got to see half the barca team outside the Hilton hotel on Albert docks.

But what made me most happiest was that there was a certain buzz about the town yes it was full of barca fans but the sense of pride Liverpool people have for lfc is beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

And to finish my day off they are now through to the final in Madrid.. Even klopp was lost for words.

I absolutely love days like this when I’m at my most happiest and most positive.

I felt like I could truly be myself.

I’ve not felt such emotion like this for such a long time.

I’m actually really excited for my future.

I hope you all have had a great day whatever you may have been doing.

Peace out

Stacie xx

It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

Hey everyone hope you have had a good Bank Holiday weekend.

I’ve been a total lazy bum this weekend just what I needed.

Tomorrow I’m off to Liverpool and im rather excited to finally be putting my love lock on Albert docks.

Here is an example for people who are unsure about what they are are as you can see they have been added to the fences near the River Mersey decorating the chains with symbols of love people from all over the world come and put locks on when they visit Liverpool.

Might seem rather sad to some of you but this will be a symbol of the love and respect I now have for myself.

It will help me remind myself of a time when I thought I couldn’t overcome a situation and I totally did and how I gained respect and self love by doing this.

I’m going through a closing the door stage in my life and I’m also healing from a very stressful and traumatic 18 months.

I’m finally coming out the other side as a better person.

I don’t want all my posts to be depressing or heavy but this for me is a fantastic way to express my feelings and thoughts to all my fabulous readers and fellow bloggers.

I really hope my blogs help people to not feel alone in a situation at the end of the day this is real life we get one chance here and I intend to live it.

So as tommrow I will put another puzzle peice into my healing I will finally be able to start to let go.

Sometimes it’s not the big changes that make the difference most the time they turn our lives upside down leaving us with this big pile of emotional mess that takes us years to sort through.

When we are so focused on the big picture we miss the little and simplest changes that impact us for the better just a simple gesture or getting time to actually breathe without anything or anyone interrupting is amazing.

When you have been through trauma and heartbreak you start seeing the world through different eyes.

This is you really opening up to the world around you and the universe telling you there is so much more to life that what we allow ourselves to see.

If it’s something as little as me putting a lock on a fence at Albert docks that’s going to kick start my healing process and help me become a better person I’m going to take it however silly it may sound.

Follow your heart beacuse your mind plays tricks on you.

Lots of love

Stacie xx

But you’ve not Seen end game yet!!!

Happy early Sunday morning all,

So I’m annoyed to the next person who says to me but your a massive marvel fan and you haven’t seen avengers end game yet I honestly would love to death stare you into oblivion.

I am a massive marvel fan yes,

But do I know every single fact about marvel no and if I did i’de of gave Stan a run for his money god rest his soul.

I keep getting told ironman dies yes that’s fine by me not a massive ironman fan anyway but he was still pretty cool.

Can I just state to all the hard core avengers geeks out there I salute you for your dedication to marvel.

This is not a direct attack on you 😂 ❤️

It’s lighthearted post on why I feel the need to wait to see a three hour movie..

One: its the time 3 hours of my life in a cinema in one go how do I go to the toilet in between and not miss anything not like I’ve got anyone to give me a catch up on it. 🙄🤔

Two: I personally don’t think my bum could take three hours on a Cinema seat in all honesty it’s like sitting on them horrible plastic chairs you used to sit on at school.

Three. At the moment I just haven’t got the time I’m always at work.

Four. Ide rather wait untill it comes out on blue Ray where I can watch in my living room and I can pause it as much as I like and rewatch any bits I dont quite understand and not look like a confused idiot and perhaps Google bits I dont get without being tutted at beacuse my phone light has ruined the ambiance.

It’s not the end of the world that I’ve not seen end game good things come to those who wait.

Night night 🌃❤️

Where has the time gone 😢 ❤️

Hiya everyone so I’ve been looking back at some old pictures I came across one. Picture that one I look terrible in so I apologise now if anyone was eating there tea.

It’s a picture of me and my two girls Ellie and ava who are now nearly eleven and six.

😱 Where does the time go…

First your changing nappies and doing 3am feeds

To not being able to get them out of bed and them completely throwing a strop beacuse the other ones stolen the others phone charger.

1st picture was when Ellie was around four nearly five years old and ava was around 5 weeks old at my parents home.

Second picture was taken a few weeks ago..

Ellies now nearly eleven and going to high school this September and ava is nearly six I can’t belive how time fly’s I haven’t done much right in my life but I know I’ve done right by my two girls.

Even though it’s hard at times times I just want to press pause and restart again.

I am so proud of them both and I push them all the time to do their best and be the best they can be.

They have seen mummy in some sad places over the last few months but I’m so glad they understand that life’s not smooth sailing and what ever life throws at us it makes us stronger.

So in my house when we have a bad day we throw on some…

And show the world we will grow from our knock backs and get back up and try again…

Anyone who’s got kids or is having a baby cherish every moment time goes really quick and one minute they need you then next they don’t so make lots of memories.

Peace out ✌️✌️❤️

Stacie xx

Brain please be quite just for a moment..

Hiya everyone I’m back for another blog post..

I’ve had a horrible few days with my anxiety this evening it’s peaked and its broken me down.

Have to keep telling myself….

I absolutely hate the person I become during these episodes beacuse it’s really not me, I’m constantly worried about everything and everyone.

And don’t get me started on the paranoia I have the most horrible thoughts about my family and my freinds completely hating me as a person.

I’ve lost a lot of friends from this and me pushing them away.

You know how life goes home pressure work pressure negative atmosphere negative people in general all gets a bit much.

I’ve tried really hard just lately to get rid of everything and everyone who causes stress to my life.

Which seems to have helped but yet again another episode.

Its like a pattern for me starts with extreme lows and great highs & lack of being able to shut off at night.

Night time for me is the worst its the time my Brain is most active and unable to stop overthinking about what I did or didn’t do or say.

I’m always worried I’ve said the wrong thing or done something wrong.

It’s horrible it always ends in a break down & me in floods of tears not understanding why Ive allowed myself to get like this again.

I genuinely feel for other people who suffer from anxiety it’s bloody terrible I know it’s not just women but men who come across confident who also suffer from anxiety.

Anyone can be affected by this at any point in their lives.

But you just have to remember this 👇👇👇

One step at a time take every day as it comes.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of the people that matter will 💯 understand.

Always remember…

Find a distraction hobby mines singing I put everything I have into that every emotion and situation I put across through music this has completely helped me my anxiety my attacks are getting less and less.

Apart from this evening I’ve not been like this for a while.

But hey I hope this is a one off…

Hopefully things will get better 🙏🏻

Stay strong people

Stacie xx

Does it really ever matter what other people think??

Now that’s a question and a half..

With this blog ladies and gents hits one of my top ten pet hates with the human society.

Are we pretty enough are we skinny enough do we look happy, do I look rich.

Yes the digital age where women spend most there time looking at pictures of perfect size 0 models looking incredible whist looking in the mirror and completely hating ourselves.

So here’s the thing I have to admit I used to be one of those women who was just dying to be skinny, who wanted to be accepted into society for being an average sized women.

Well my body has taken on some pretty serious battles over the past 13 years my weight has fluctuated over the time from really skinny and looking like Jack whitehall.

To piling on the weight after my first child.

It’s taken me nearly 9 years to steady my weightloss and to keep it off.

I’ve always been told I’m not skinny enough I could do with loosing weight I’m not pretty enough.

I’ve dealt with rejection and betrayal over my appearance I was once told by an ex that If I lost a bit of weight i would be more prettier.

OK so that was his opinion but you know what…, 🖕 you.

I was good enough it’s not nice to put others down In Life we are supposed to support and protect each other.

I’ve realised Ive ruined so many chances of something good because of my own insecurity.

Due to my past experiences I just wasn’t strong enough to say enough is enough.

But now I think this 👇👇👇👇

And I still stand by this even more so now.

Even though my body is still changing due to health reasons I’m learning to love myself a little bit more each day.

So I wanted to share this with you all in the hope it will make you realise that your wonderful just the way you are.

In life Everyone goes through a transition its a sense of becoming a better person, you realise that you have been taking people’s negative crap for far to long.

Best thing you can do is in life is to love yourself for you & stop trying to be a sheep & follow the flock life’s way to short.

Who cares if you have stretch marks from having babies girl you did something amazing you brought life into this world and that takes strength.

So what If you like a donut every now and again.

So what If you don’t have a thigh gap.

So what if your skins not perfect.

So what if you like messy bun no make up chilling with your sweat pants on days.

My eyebrows don’t even make an appearance on those days.

No one’s perfect always remember that.

The whole point of this blog is to spread love to every women out there and man who’s feeling pressured by society and soical media.

Remember they only post what they want people to see don’t feel pressured to follow suit just be you.

And if you want to make a positive change in your life a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

A Positive mind leads to great things

Sending positive vibes to you all…

Stacie xx

A little bit of late night blogging ❤️

Hello all and wow what a response I’ve had from starting my blog today.

I never thought I was that interesting.

I absolutely love the thought of being able to openly share my knowledge and my life experiences with people and they actually listen to me wow power of the Internet.

So before I start my dreaded week of early mornings and breakfast club school run with one very moody ten year old and a five year old who asks way to many questions at 6am in the morning.

I like to leave you with a theory of mine and some updates from past 6 months and how strength and willing to move on and focus has helped me through.

Here it goes so imagine this life’s a bit like a fairground you have exciting times you can’t wait to explore and see whats out there.

Other times it feels like you paid £40 to sit in a plastic poncho and line up for ages to be told the ride is closed due bad weather.

You have times that are repetitive you keep going round that dam rollercoaster holding on for dear life.

There’s emense highs from happy memories and drastic lows.

And relationships can feel like you have been ripped off by the photo booth at the end of the ride.

But no matter what happeneds you learn you live and you experience from life people are all on their own life path doesn’t matter what they are doing focus on yourself.

The fairground will be there for centuries to come but you won’t so live life to the fullest.

So for myself I’ve battled with some pretty rubbish situations.

I’ve battled with my own demons and my own health whilst trying to keep myself focused for my family whilst going to work.

For months I’ve shut myself away shut my family and freinds out.

For me this was a period of dealing with situations that’s have held me down for so many years.

Rejection, grief, trauma, low self esteem and Insecurities that have caused me so much pain.

Untill a month ago I realised I couldn’t keep living like this and that i have had completely had enough of living life like this.

That old saying it sometimes hurts you more to hold on than to let go is definitely correct.

So it was time to change.

And beyond everything somewhere deep down I knew there was still a piece of me here still fighting so that’s what I did.

So I wrote a list of what’s important to me in life and what’s not I realised I was holding on to a lot of future situations I couldn’t change, people who didn’t care and most of all holding on to the past.

This really helped me to focus and gave me the kick I needed.

Now I put my family and my few friends and most of all myself first you can’t pour from an empty glass.

So hopefully now my health will get better and my mindset even stronger.

My confidence is coming back.

I’ve also turned my hurt into passion for my music and the love of singing.

Key is to focus yourself on the positive and to keep away from negative patterns and people ❤️

Good night and thanks again for all your support.

Liverpool Baby ✌️ 🎸

Hiya everyone welcome to my blog post

As many people know I’m not originally from the North West I was born and raised in a place called Tipton in the black County.. Before you say it in your head yes peaky blinders.

I’ve been in the North West for just under 3 years now and I often get asked do I miss home.

Answer is No of course I miss my family and my freinds but I made a choice to just go for it and move by the sea.

I’m never one to not act on impulse infact it’s one of my most treasured traits so here I am in the North west in a little village on the outskirts of Liverpool.

Well why choose Liverpool I always get asked when you had Birmingham close by well here’s the thing dispite Birmingham now having the worlds biggest primark and lots of it’s own great quality’s I never really felt at home.

Its a feeling you quite can’t put across to people because many won’t understand when I visited Liverpool nine years ago It had this buzz about it feeling of strong sense of pride.

Not only me being a Liverpool fan already and the beatles being one of my favourite bands this certainly added to its qualities.

So what’s so great about Liverpool…

Well I absolutely love shopping and Liverpool is a fantastic place to find what your looking for.

I highly rate Liverpool one for both shopping and dining out.

Of course the main thing is it has one of the world’s best football teams Liverpool football club just saying…

And now we come to the beatles the town is full of beatles history from the museum to Matthews Street if your a fan the museum is a must and a trip to Matthews Street to the new cavern club is definitely a must.

Albert docks is another favourite place of mine also great for shopping or dining out if you ever visit please try smugglers cove it’s a lovely little pirate dining and cocktail bar.

You can also visit free maritime museum and museum of Liverpool on the pier head there is also the world museum situated by lime Street Station.

My most favourite part of Liverpool is the people I’ve never met such lovely funny outgoing people in my life dispite what people say about scousers never judge them.

Liverpool is a fantastic city and I’m yet to explore further but I fell in love with it and you will too and most importantly for me it feels like home.

Stacie x